I lost my keys at Carowinds and needed a key made for my 2008 Chrysler 300. I called around to everyone – no one could help me. One of the companies I called recommended I call Consolidated Locksmiths. I did and they were amazing! Not only did they come right out and get me on my way, their pricing was great! I would highly recommend them!

Terrel G. Charlotte, NC

I have had, Thankfully, only 2 opportunities to use a locksmith. Once the day before my wedding and once a week ago. A week ago I recently was traveling through the Rock Hill, SC area and had to have a key made for my car. I was stressed b/c the last time I had to have that done it was an utter disaster from start to finish.

With 3 kids and traveling, I didn’t have the time nor the energy to go through that again. I jumped on line, found Consolidated Locksmiths had them come out to make a key for my 2008 Town and Country. What a BETTER experience than my first one!! I had the (WRONG) impression that locksmiths were one type of person given my horrible experience last time. But Consolidated Locksmiths, with their professionalism, quick response and knowledge showed me what the business is all about.

They did what they said they would do, quickly (a necessary with 3 kids) with absolutely no damage to my car (unlike my last experience). But even though there wasn’t a thing wrong with my car, the locksmith made it clear to me that they guaranteed ALL their work. So if something went wrong, it was covered. I didn’t even know locksmiths did that given my last experience when I had to sign a release saying that if something went wrong, he wasn’t responsible.

Thankfully nothing has gone wrong, but it was just that added bonus knowing that they backed up their work with that guarantee. I travel through the Rock Hill area a couple times of year and hopefully I’ll never have another locksmith issue, but I promise you…if I do, they would be the first ones I’d call! Honestly, I would recommend them to anyone.

Hillary B.
Fort Mill, SC