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*We do MOST, not all.

*Key has to be programmed to the car itself and takes sophisticated equipment, which is why not a lot of companies offer this service

Transponder keys are the new and more reliable way of adding more security for your vehicle. Transponder keys often look just like the old car keys you’ve always seen, with one huge difference. They are extremely complex and your average locksmith will not have much if any experience in dealing with them. Your best bet with both diagnosing a transponder key issue and fixing it is to contact us, Consolidated Locksmiths of the Piedmont.

Transponder Key Programming

You cannot simply have a key made at your local keymaker shop, while the key looks simple it has a complexity to it that demands a professional. If you don’t know why you’re car won’t start even if your battery and alternator are both fine, then you’re most likely dealing with a bad transponder key. You will need a locksmith who is trained and well-versed in transponder chip technology. Consolidated Locksmiths of the Piedmont specialize in transponder keys and will have your car capable of starting again.

What Exactly Is A Transponder Key?

Transponder keys may also be called “chip keys”. Transponder keys are automotive ignition keys with signal-emitting circuits built inside.
When the key is turned in the ignition cylinder, the car’s computer transmits a radio signal to the transponder circuit. The circuit has no battery; it is energized by the radio signal itself. The circuit typically has a computer chip that is programmed to respond by sending a coded signal back to the car’s computer. If the circuit does not respond or if the code is incorrect, the engine will not start. Many cars immobilize if the wrong key is used by intruders. Chip Keys successfully protect cars from theft in two ways: forcing the ignition cylinder won’t start the car, and the keys are difficult to duplicate. This is why chip keys are popular in modern cars and help decrease car theft.

Many people who have transponder keys, such as those which are part of Ford Motor Company’s SecuriLock system, are not aware of the fact because the circuit is hidden inside the plastic head of the key. On the other hand, General Motors produced what are known as VATS keys (Vehicle Anti-Theft System) during the 1990s, which are often erroneously believed to be transponders but actually use a simple resistor, which is visible in the blade of the key. If the electrical resistance of the resistor is wrong, or the key is a normal key without a resistor, the circuit of the car’s electrical system will not allow the engine to get started.

It is absolutely necessary to contact professionals and here at Consolidated Locksmiths of the Piedmont, we take pride in our outstanding ability to diagnose and resolve any problem with a transponder key.